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Why communication in a relationship is important

According to, communication is information transmitted or conveyed while relationship is a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings. These two words play an important role in every human interaction. We communicate for us to interact with another person may it be a friend, parent, sibling or even lover.

It is not only important for a relationship between lovers but to any kind of relationship may it be friendship, courtship, etc. There are a lot of ways to deliver or send communication since earth existed until the present time. With our fast pace lives today, we often forget how it is important to convey our true message to one another.

Here are some reasons why communication in a relationship is important.

1. To exchange ideas.

Whether it’s about a book that you just have read, a movie that you love or a life experience you want to talk about; sharing ideas is very important because you would be able to recognize what kind of person he or she is. You are starting to be interested to that person and ask questions until you feed the depth of your curiosity. You are able to express yourself to him or her as well. You are now starting to communicate and break down barriers that you start to set when meeting someone for the first time.

2. Getting to know someone.

Once you contribute ideas, you would feel a little bit closer to that person you are communicating or connecting to. You would know what he or she likes, dislikes, if that person is open minded or mature, boring or humorous, indecisive or affirmed, etc. Ideas sink in and you continue to communicate. You are able to learn something and remember it. You are also beginning to trust this person.

3. Realize what kind of potential relationship you would want to have.

You already understood what type of person he or she is because you are done exchanging ideas. Now, you have the authority to think what kind of relationship will I have to this person? Is it friendship? Or lovers? Maybe acquaintance? You are starting to build the foundation as well.

4. Using the online media isn’t always a good way to communicate.

Nowadays, most people have facebook, twitter, whatsapp, viber, facebook messenger, line, etc. as an application in their mobile phones. Direct or face to face conversations had been less and we are dependent to the new technology that is introduced to us. Using it has pros and cons but nothing beats sitting down on a couch or a dining table, discussing a lot of things. You would notice a person’s body language, how he or she reacts and even the mannerisms. You would be able to build a deeper connection to that person not only during online circumstances but offline as well.

5. Create a lasting relationship.

You have decided to accept this person in your life so next step would be how you are going to make your relationship last. For some it can be a lifetime, a week or a year, it depends. Just remember that it does not end here. It can be repeated or not be in chronological order but what matters is the willingness to be together and have a good relationship. According to Mr. Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Bass Hamilton

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