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How to Find Swinger’s Parties

In pursuit of finding a swinger’s party, it’s helpful to befriend a swinger. He or she can introduce swingers’ venues. The friend may even send an invite to a party. If you don’t know anyone in the life, you can always read a Swingers Guide to get yourself started. However, many swinger’s parties go unadvertised and some swingers stay anonymous. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to befriend someone and later discover that he or she is a swinger. That’s not to say it’s unrealistic to find swingers’ parties. They exist in even the most conservative locations. With the internet, swinger’s parties are accessible and there isn’t an excuse not to attend.

Some swingers abide by a code of only swinging within an established group, for the sake of having unprotected sex. In this case, swingers invite each other by word of mouth. Even though many parties remain exclusive, one swinger can refer you to other get-togethers. Once you attend a swinger’s event, there’s an opportunity to network and find more parties.

Hosting your Own Swinger’s Parties

Rather than finding a swinger’s club, anyone can host a swinger’s party. He or she can send invites to a small group of trusted friends and fund the event. The best way to keep a swinger’s party intimate and small lies in hosting it.

For anyone looking to add many sexual partners, various clubs offer swinger’s parties. Attendees can sign up online and pay an entrance fee. A ticket to a swinger’s party can range anywhere from $20 to $1,000 per night. It’s not difficult to register online for swinger’s parties, and a simple Google search will result in finding nearby clubs. Moreover, many clubs exist in large cities. Swingers even create forums online to network with other swingers. It’s common, now, for swingers to meet online.

Using Social Media

Swingers create Facebook groups, so that other swingers can join and check out lifestyle party event dates. Of course, many of these groups are private. The owner can give access to people, who request to join the group. Some swingers use Instagram and hashtags to meet likeminded people. However, many swingers choose to stay discreet and only hint at the lifestyle events by posting hashtags such as “swing,” as opposed to “swingerslifestyle”.

One of the best ways to find a swinger’s party is to download a swinger’s app. One of the most well-known apps is Feeld. It’s free to join, not unlike tinder. For more features, users can pay a monthly fee. For example, with the paid service, members can view analytics to see active users. Another option is to download SLF Official. It’s more video-message based than Feeld, which could prove helpful because videos can help a user discern whether someone catfishing on the app.

Using an app to find a swinger party is an alternative to having a friend, who can refer contacts. For anyone looking for a small to medium-sized lifestyle party, using an app may prove effective. Rather than attending a party without knowing the guests, the app user can decide whether the crowd is a good fit. By talking to the guests ahead of time, the person can vet the other people attending the party. Plus, the person can establish a level of comfort and intimacy before even crossing the venue’s threshold.

Location, Location, Location

An app may prove even more effective than joining a social media group because the app’s developers set up location features that may offer more options for parties in close proximity. The user profiles on the app relate directly to the swinger lifestyle, rather than link to a general social. Some apps require users to register by logging into Facebook, so it’s necessary to stay mindful of data privacy. If you’re looking for places where you are sure to find other Swingers, you might want to look at something like a Swingers Cruise.

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