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How to find a Swinger’s Cruise

For anyone looking to find a swinger’s cruise, it’s helpful to look to major cruise lines to decide whether the amenities and events suit his or her preferences. For first timers, it might ease any pre-registration and pre-boarding jitters to invest in a travel agent. Plus, there’s an abundance of swinger’s cruises, so it’s helpful to have someone to help sift through the options. However, if it’s more comfortable to register independently, it’s not difficult to access information on the cruise-lines’ websites and read reviews written by alumni cruise members.

Bliss Cruise

Bliss Cruise is a well-known swinger’s cruise line that sets out of Florida. The tours sail to Caribbean and Europe. On the website,, there’s an entire blog to peruse. It’s helpful to read the blog to decide on the best tour. The cruise registration process requires swingers to sign on as a couple. Moreover, it’s paramount for prospective passengers to know that the main rule, across the board, lies in consent.

The other rules and guidelines generally pertain to the designated areas in which people can have sex. VIP sections exist for couples to meander off to and be intimate. Some cruises have more areas for couples to have sex openly. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the criteria of each cruise line and individual tours to cater to his or her preference.

Bliss Cruises have an optional clothing policy, which proves helpful for the couples joining a swinger’s cruise for the first time. The cruise line allows individuals to wear whatever attire makes him or her comfortable. Plus, the company offers classes during the day. While it’s not entirely sexy to peg the classes as sex ed, a first-timer may find that the classes help him or her feel at ease with the new lifestyle.

Just like joining any cruise, it’s necessary to read over the fine print and ask questions to personalize the trip. Rather than go through a travel agent directly, a prospective passenger can look at the frequently asked questions on the website. Also, there’s contact information, including a phone number and email, to reach out to the company directly. Another way to search for a swinger’s cruise, aside from searching for a cruise line directly, involves searching for travel agent first.

 Some cruises may have BDSM sections for people with specific fetishes. In the process of choosing a swinger’s cruise, it’s helpful to search the norm across various sections of the ship. It’s likely that at least one main section of the ship will remain closed to on-premise sex, so that people can enjoy food and drinks in that area. By knowing the dynamic of various sections of the ship, a prospective passenger can pick the cruise that he or she will find most enjoyable.

Desire Mediterranean Cruises

This is the quintessential swinger’s cruise to Ibiza. It costs thousands of dollars to rent a room on the ship. It’s important to check whether a cruise is all inclusive, in order to know whether it’s required to buy food and drinks onboard.

When asked about where to find a swinger’s cruise, a seasoned lifestyle veteran said, “search google. I know there’s a cruise that goes out of Venice.” A person looking to find a swinger’s cruise can first google swinger’s cruise lines and then narrow the search from there. For someone wealthy, who isn’t as concerned about price, a cruise line such as Luxary Lifestyle Cruises would prove a good fit.

Couples Cruise

Many travelers have probably happened upon marketing campaigns for mainline cruises through the Danube. Couples Cruise may stand as the closest cruise line to match the river cruises, with added benefits. In general, voyeurs are welcome on any cruise line. Since consent is the overarching rule people need to follow on swinger’s cruises, it’s completely encouraged for an individual to go at his or her pace.

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