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Great Vacation Spots for Swingers

It’s surprising and liberating to know that nearly any vacation spot can double as a great vacation spot for swingers. Even in small, conservative towns, people host swinger’s parties. For example, through word of mouth, it’s evident that small towns in Utah have people living the lifestyle. Everyone has different travel preferences, regarding the location. In nearly every vacation spot, there’s an opportunity for swingers to enjoy events or parties whether they’re finding other swingers on the web or not. Here are some notably great vacation spots, specifically for Swingers.


For any swingers vacationing in Canada, there’s the O Zone in Toronto. It’s a swinger’s club that’s open every Friday and Saturday. It’s $60 per couple. For vacationers that prefer to go clubbing, Toronto may stand as an even better option than Vegas. Private rooms exist, and couples can have sex in open lounge areas.


The Toucan Club stands as one of the most established swingers’ venues in London. Not every section of the club stands as an on-premise venue. People aren’t allowed have sex everywhere, but there’s a VIP section where people have sex. Partygoers can either watch or participate. Of course, voyeurs can watch.


This is an outdoor event for swingers. If a swinger is already visiting the UK on holiday, he or she can attend this festival. While the countryside may not seem like the best place to have sex, any swinger who has ventured outdoors to have sex will say otherwise.


Berlin is a swinger’s best bet, as far as finding swinger’s clubs. For example, Avarus has a sauna area. If you’re a swinger, who wants a spa vacation and sex – Berlin is a great vacation spot.  


Taken Club in Paris. What better place for swingers to be intimate than the most romantic city imaginable? Of course, France is a great vacation spot for swingers. At the swinger’s club, Le Moon City, women do not have to pay an entrance fee any day, except Mondays and Wednesdays. The bar serves complimentary drinks.

The US

PlayhouseLV is a las vegas swinger club. The club hosts pool parties. There’s also a vetting process by a member’s board. Therefore, it’s an exclusive club. This is a great vacation spot for someone living the swinger lifestyle, who is also celebrating a birthday. PlayhouseLV gives free entrance on birthdays, within one week of the actual birth date. As far as the ambiance goes, the lighting is fairly dark. Therefore, it seems private and intimate.


New Orleans

A swinger club in New Orleans called Colette does not serve alcohol, but a guest can bring his or her own booze. Membership fees include various benefits. In case a swinger wants to make an annual vacation to New Orleans, a fairly inexpensive membership package exists with free valet parking.

Be Naughty in N’awlins is a famous swinger’s convention. Supposedly, it’s the largest swinger’s convention in the world. It’s free to sign up for a membership. Members can chat online with other guests attending the convention. Therefore, swingers can make new friends and meet other swingers, by vacationing in New Orleans.



Hedonism 2 is famous among the adult lifestyle community. A swinger can pack light to go on a vacation to Hedonism 2 because it’s a clothing-optional resort.


Desire Riviera Maya is a famous swinger’s vacation spot. A swinger needs to sign on as a couple to stay at the resort. There’s a cruise line associated with the resort. Clothing is optional in areas onboard the cruise ship and on the resort premises. In particular, there’s a clothing-optional beachfront.

For exhibitionist swingers, a couple can ask the resort to film sex in his and her room or on the beach. Couples can also order massages together. For any lifestyle couple looking for a liberating vacation spot, the Desire Riviera Maya is probably the best choice.

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